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counsellor British, Canadian; counselour, counsellour both obsolete; counseller archaic. From Old French conseillier, from Latin consiliator, agent noun from cōnsilior I take counsel, from cōnsilium plan, council, wisdom, advice. IPA key: ˈkaʊnsələ ɹ. counselor plural counselors American spelling, alternative spelling in Canada.
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A trained counselor can provide non-judgmental support, as often it is hard to speak openly to family and friends. My colleague found that his sessions with the grief counselor helped him work through his feelings. There's' an excellent counselor at the alternative health clinic, and you can get various therapies there too.
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Camp counselor, or cabin" leader, adult supervisor in summer camps. Counselor-in-Training, training program for camp counselors. School counselor, also guidance" counselor" or educational" counselor." Credit counseling professional help in the US, debt" counsellor" in the UK. Counselor at law, used interchangeably with lawyer."
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3: one who has supervisory duties at a summer camp The counselor led the campers on a hike through the woods. Other Words from counselor Synonyms More Example Sentences Phrases Containing counselor Learn More About counselor. Other Words from counselor.
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Your school guidance counselor may suggest you take Spanish class next school year. How you define counselor depends on where you are at the time. In court, a counselor is the lawyer who gives clients advice on legal issues and pleads their case in court.

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